Theren Hearthgift

Tiefling Ranger


Raised as a foundling by Wood Elves, Theren has no knowledge of his birth parents. He has always been different from the other younglings, but has always been treated as family by all the elves in his glade.

Theren has an understanding of Tieflings and their history from his elven parents and teachers, but has never met another of his kind. With ebony horns, blue hair, silver eyes, and tan skin he readily stands out from the elves in his village.

Theren loves nature and chose to train as a ranger. While he is not as gifted with a bow as his elven brethren, he has unique skills of his own that serve him well as a ranger.

Recently Theren decided to expore the world to see if he can find out more about who his birth parents are and how he came to be among the elves.

Theren Hearthgift

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