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In the Beginning there was the Void. The Void filled this plane, consumed it. Only the nothingness of the Void. Then the Gods came to this Plane and pierced the Void. They came to start a new world in this plane. They carved a niche out of the nothingness and began creating. They created two sets of beings to help them in their task, The Primordials and the Elementals. The Elementals were responsible for creating the raw elements of this new world, while the Primordials were tasked with helping to create new life. This new world took shape and life began to grow and flourish across it, and the Gods were pleased. The Primordials created magnificent beings to roam this new world. They created Giants, Dragons, and other magical creatures.

The god Corellon was not satisfied with what he saw though. So he set about creating another aspect of the world. He sought to make it the most beautiful and enchanted realm of all. He worked together with Melora to create the Feywild. They then sought the help of Moradin to create a race of people to inherit the Feywild and all it’s majesty. A supremely artistic being. Thus the Eladrin were born into the world.

Moradin was pleased with having created life, without relying on the Primordials to do it for them. However, he felt the Eladrin were too flimsy and frail a race. He decided that he would create his own people. A people worthy of inheriting the World, and not just the ethereal playground Corellon and Melora had created. He called upon his friends, the Elementals who had shaped the very fabric of the world itself, and together they carved the Dwarves from the bedrock of the earth itself. The other gods saw what was happening, and wanted to take part as well. It became a contest, as to who could create the most superior being. And so, in short order Humans, Halflings, and Dragonborn came into this world. Sheanine and Melora created the Halfings but soon grew tired of them. Bahamut spawned the Dragonborn out of the Dragons that were create in his own image. The Goddess Eurathi created the humans, but none of the other Gods were quite sure why. They seemed to carry features of each of the different races, but none of the obvious strengths. It would later be discovered that it was the Humans’ flexibility that would be their greatest strength. They were able to adapt where the other, less flexible races were not.

The Primordials were enraged by this onslaught of new creations. The gods had ignored them, and slighted their creations, choosing to make their own instead. The Primordials decided to make an example out of the Dwarves. The Giants launched a war against the Dwarves, and enslaved them. Moradin was outraged that his chosen people had been enslaved by the Primordials’ creation. He demanded their immediate release, but the Primordials refused. They told Moradin that he had betrayed the pact the gods had made with the Primordials, to allow them to create life on this world. Moradin demanded to know why they chose to blame him, when Corellon and Melora had created the Eladrin before he had created the Dwarves. In fact, they had created any number of fey creatures to populate the Feywild. The Primordials did not care. they Feywild was kept separate enough from their domain that they felt it acceptable, but the Dwarves, the Humans, and the Halfings were not acceptable. The Primordials were unhappy with the Dragonborn as well, but feared and respected Bahamut too much to criticize him.

The Gods became discontented as Moradin tried to stir them into action against the rebellious Primordials, but no one was willing to break the peace. The dwarves went on enslaved by the Giants. Then one day, everything changed, and the Dwarves rebelled against their cruel captors. The Dwarven cause seemed hopeless. However the Humans surprised mortal and god alike by rushing to the aid of the dwarven people, and helping to liberate them from the Giants.

The Primordials went berserk with rage at this. They lamented not pushing their efforts further in the first place and wiping out the Humans and the Haflings when they had the chance. The Goddess Eurathi stepped in though, and told the Primordials that she would not tolerate them going after her creations. The Primordials would not be dissuaded though, and so they banded together and struck, not at the humans but at their goddess. They slew Eurathi. This action Precipitated all-out war.

The Gods banded their creations together into a great empire. Even The Eladrin came out of the Feywild to join the fight. The Primordials marshaled their own creations,. The Dragons however split into three groups. There were those that sided with Bahamut and the other gods, those that sided with their creators, and those that chose to remove themselves from the fighting altogether, unable to decide between their creators and the god they were patterned from. The Primordials began creating even more monstrous creatures. Orc, Goblins, kobolds, gnolls, and all other manner of foul creature were spawned to fight for the Primordials. The war raged long and hard, but the Primordials began to lose, so they started to create living weapons, horrible Abominations that began to rip apart the fabric of the world itself.

The Gods knew that they had to stop the Primordials and soon, or their war would destroy the very world they were fighting for. So they turned to the elementals. They gathered up all the most powerful Elementals into four distinct areas. They drew their powers into four Elemental Seals , Earth , Fire, Water, and Air. The Elementals gave their very essences into the creation of these Seals. When all four seals were complete they created a prison for the Primordials and the most dangerous of their creations, sealing them away deep within the Earth.

They thought the War was over, and that peace would reign over the world. The Great Empire began pushing back the remaining Primordial spawn. They drove the Orcs and Goblins and Giants back. Little did they know, a worse foe was waiting for them, one of their own doing. The war between the Gods and the Primordials had sown chaos across the entire world, and caused much devastation. With the loss of most of the Elementals into the Seals, this damage allowed an opening for the Void. The Void began to become manifest, corrupting everything it touched. Soon the lands in the South of the Great Empire became twisted. Huge chunks of landscape were heaved into the air and left to hover there inexplicably. Parts of the Empire began to turn on one another.

At first the Gods didn’t know what was happening. They began to suspect one another of betrayal. Mistrust and tension ran high. By the time they realized what they were dealing with, an entire portion of the Empire had been left to the corruption. The Void was slowly working to undo everything they had created. The Void had a terrible power to sow chaos and confusion. To make best friends become bitterest enemies. The Empire sent an army, led by it’s greatest band of Heroes deep into the Twisted Lands, with one goal. To create a Fifth Seal, a Void Seal, to Seal away the dark powers that were tearing the very fabric of existence itself apart. To create this seal they would have to draw upon the four existing seals, and create this new one at the heart of the Void’s power. The place where it was seeping into this world.

This grand army marched deep into the domain of the Void, and were never seen again. However, a Void Seal was successfully created at the Void’s entrance into the World. The corruption stopped spreading, but the damage had already been done. The Gods themselves began to turn on each other. A war waged between the Gods themselves, and the Great Empire tore itself apart in a struggle that mirrored the one in the heavens. Where once there had been dozens of gods, now only 19 of them remained: Avandra, Bahamut, Corellon, Erathis, Ioun, Kord, Melora, Moradin, Pelor, The Raven Queen, and Sehanine were those left pure and untainted. Asmodeus, Bane, Gruumsh, lolth, Tiamat, Torog, Vecna, and Zehir were tainted by the Void. They became twisted and evil. Both sets of Gods claimed their own Dominions within this new, fractured world.

This settling of the gods into different factions would begin the Dark Age, where all the remaining majesty of the Great Empire would soon be lost. The Eladrin decided to withdraw back into the Feywild, but they were too late to be untouched by the spread of corruption. The corrupted Drow split off from the Eladrin and began forming their Empire in the Underdark. Another group decided to stay in the woods and forests of the normal world, and became the Elves. A group of humans led by the Keldorn family struggled to hold together the last Remnants of the Great Empire.

Further South, the Empire of Bael Turath fought against the Dragonborn empire of Arkhosia, over who had the right to guard the Fire Seal. In an effort to gain the upper hand the humans made a demonic pact that altered them forever, turning them into demonic beings. With their new found edge they pressed home their advantage, invading deep into Arkhosia. The War brought both Empires to the verge of Collapse, when the battle for the Seal itself finally took place. Somehow, during the battle, a reaction within the Seal was trigged, and almost the Entire Empire of Bael Turath and a large swath of Arkhosia were incinerated in a massive inferno. When the firestorm died, all that was left was a desert. The Dragonborn were left broken by the war, fractured into Clan Holds, dim reflections of their once proud Empire. The Tieflings, who were once the Humans of Bael Turath, had no homes left at all and were cast out into the world, hated and alone.

The Humans fractured against each other as well. The Keldorn Dynasty held only a small fraction of the once Great Empire. Their rival family, the Telics, formed a new empire across the Great Stone Bridge. Other Empires are said to also exist in the Northlands, even clan of Nomadic savages living in the frozen wastes of the extreme north.

Now the once Great Empire is no More. Rival factions have fought off and on for centuries, making no real progress. The war between the gods has long since devolved into a stalemate, and a degree of normalcy can be observed as order has begun rebuilding itself in small steps. However, dark figures conspire in the shadows to release Ancient Evils from their prison. The World may face it’s toughest trials yet, in this new age, the Age of Awakening!

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